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DearTIDEBUY You dont tell me anywhere the material used in this dress, i know is the same tham the picture but i dont know what is it. Thanks for your attention I need to order now Cristina

i ordered my dress on March 15th and its April 26 and i still have not gotten my dress and prom is this weekend and it says my dress is still processing...

I ordered my dress may 17 2011 , its june 6 & i still havent got my dress . my prom is June 9 . when will i get my dress ?

Can you email a picture of this dress in satin blue? or royal blue? please! i really like the dress, but i want a blue dress for prom. so i was just curious if that was possible? thank you

This is the second dress I orderd please tell me how long this will take to get the dress I paid extra to get this dress and still dont have it my prom is in one week please let me know!!!!!!

Item Code: 00236832 Product Name: P1429 Prom Dress (Free Shipping) I wish that it dress be made in the material Matte Satin, and color Burgundy. and With custom measurements that I send of the dress best regards

PLEASE HELP! Hi I received my dress and it looks nice, but the length is short without heels, and i was wondering if i can get some extra pieces of the fabric that was used to make this, like the petals. If not I was wondering what i can do because i need the dress to be ready within a month and i am sort of panicking i would need at least 17 pieces of those petals used to make the dress.

We are going to order the dress just as it is in the picture. Colors, style exactly.We do not want to change the fabric!! What I want to know is the dress made from the organza and a overlay of Tulle? What type of fabric could I compare this to? I am not sure if this is a fabric I know. I use to sew and have used Tulle, satin, silk. Could I find this in a fabric store, dress store? Thanks again

okay i ordered my dress 18 days ago & i paid extra for shipping ! my prom is in 1 week , when will i get my dress ?

i want this dress in a pearlly white ..been dreaming of a dress like this sine freshman year.. if i order now when will it be sent. prom it may 6th

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