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i live in california, so i was also wondering if the middle part is going to be silver if you guys make the dress in royal blue.

Hello. i am very interrested in this dress, i would like to know what colour it is, i no it says Royal Blue, but when i look at Royal Blue on the material Chiffon it does not look the same, i am just checking its is not Dark Royal Blue as i want the same colour as the one in the picture. Also just checking that the material of the dress on show is Chiffon aswell. Look forward to hearing from you A.S.A.P as i am in a hurry to place my order.

Can you email a picture of this dress in satin blue? or royal blue? please! i really like the dress, but i want a blue dress for prom. so i was just curious if that was possible? thank you

Hi! I ordered this dress in a dark royal blue, but i want it 'the same color as the picture' instead. Can you please change this for me? I really love the color and your dresses!!! Thank you!

hello this is a very nice dress i just want to know if i can get this dress without tail, and in Royal blue color. and is it possible that i can get it in saudi arabia on 2nd of june thank you

Hello, could you tell me what colour the dress in the main picture is. Is it dark royal blue? Thank you kindly, best wishes. This dress is fab!

Hi I want to order this dress in royal blue, but I can't find 'Rich lace colour map' to see how the colour is.... Best regards /Maria

Hey! I ordered that dress in Dark Navy and I took that for granted that the beading gets the same colour. In the case if the beading is Royal Blue, can I still change the colour in Dark Navy? Thx

Hi! i have a questions, if i order this dress in royal blue, which would the color of the beading, also blue? and the beaded neckline, are stones? are blue too?? thks.

i am interested in this dress. would i be able to get matching bolero made to go with it. the colour i am interested in is fushia and royal blue. i would like to get two in each of these colours

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