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my prom is may 14 will the dress come on before then or by then ?

What fabric is pictured in the Sexy backless prom dress shown?

hi, i was trying to order my prom dress, however i was wondering if it will arrive before may 25 when is my prom

i like this prom dress very much n i would like to know whats the color? P1431 Prom Dress........

I'm ordering FL20 Item number 00204721 for my prom. I'm requesting it in a different color and without the split. Will it arrive before my prom, May 6, 2011. Thank You

Hey it is now 5/4/2011 and my prom is june 11th i love this dress and i was wondering if there is anyway i can get this dress in time for my prom?

hey ! i live in lebanon ! my prom is juin 23 ! if i order that dress in a couple of days will i receive it one week before my prom ? is it free shipping to lebanon or only inside US?? thank u !

If I ordered this dress today, could it be delivered for my prom by may 18th? I live in the uk :)

Hi! If I order a prom dress from this website today when will it arrive? I live in Washington state US

Hi. I have prom comming up and I wondered if ordered this dress this week if I would get it by early April

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