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If i ordered my dress on the 6th of this month and my prom is on the 30th will i get my dress on time? i like in colorado. If not how do I make it so I will get it on time? please Help!

In relation to the above order number (26908) I understood from your website that shipping was free to the United Kingdom (see link below). I have recently discovered that, after receiving her order, a friend who ordered from your site has been charged £25 for shipping. I was not expecting to pay any shipping charge as stated by your website (see link below). Please clarify this point and give us instructions for how to return the order to receive a full refund if shipping is not, after-all, free as stated by your website. Thank you. http://www.FishInTheSky.com/product/A-Line-Strapless-Floor-length-Chiffon-Prom-Dress-209576-209576.html

I just love this dress and i would love to wear this to my prom but I'm scared that I may not get it in time because the prom is May 26th. I live in Sweden so i was just wondering how long it will take for me to get the dress. Is there something special in the shipping or processing that I can do to get it sooner?

I am interested in starting a business selling wedding dresses, can provide more information to be your wholesale distributor? I live in Veracruz, Mexico, my first purchase would be 5 dresses, I need the cost including shipping and if there is a gift as a color book or catalog on CD. Thanks. Best Regards.

hi also i would like to ask my prom is on march 26 and my order number is 20022 and i ordered it on 1/31/11 will it get to me on time before my prom? and if so when do you think it will reach me? and how far in the processing of my dress are you? sorry for all the the questions i am just nervous it wont make it on time before my prom thank you!

Hi! I really like this dress, Can you pls tell me if it is possible the free shipping to Colombia, Bogota? If not, how much would it beby DHL? Also, is theprice of the petticoat included on the price of the dress? Thanks!

hi could you lengthen the dress an inch or 2 or 3? also could you make it a full top ie. a full dress without sleeves? and is it free postage to uk (how long will it take)? many thanx

I ordered my prom dress to look like the one in the picture, but didn't think it would be bright pink! I want to return it and get a burgundy colour but I'm not sure how to as there is no address? Also if I order it again soon will it be delived by the 1st July ?

Hi, could you please specify, do I right understand this dress doesn't need any petticoat? Is it possible to get it for free shipping to Russain Federation? Thanks in advance.

Hi, I love the dress (New Style Prom Dresses (Free Shipping) Item Code: 00296328) it is very nice. I would like to order it but I wonder what materials/fabric it has so I choose the right color. I wonder if rhinestones at bust? Thanks in advance!

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