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I love, love this wig. I get so many compliments when I where this and I look so young in it. I feel so young in it as well. I love the color and cut and style .thanks FishInTheSky make me a new look.

I love this wig. Nice cut and feel great.

can the back detail at the bottom be raised and not cut so low?

Hi, I love this dress. can you guys tailor it to be not cut in the bottom ? I just wat it to be with no cut so that my legs wont show. Thank you !

Hi. I was just wondering if I could order this Item: 00208156 without a tail. Is it possible for that to be cut?

This wig is so cute..everyone thought I had a hair cut. It feels real and looks great on..

This wig was very flattering for me and everyone really thought it was my hair. My stylist cut it to fit my face and it looks great. The human hair was very soft and bouncy and shiny. I love it so much I bought 2 more for back up and cut in 3 different st

can i get this dress without the sweetheart top and change it to be straight cut strapless top???? and what material is this dress made out of??? what are the decor on the dress made out of, beads,gems,rhinstones,cyrstals????

I used to really like this wig...until I looked like Justin Bieber in it lol. so i cut the bangs into a blunt style and like it better now

I usually buy synthetic wigs, this is my first real hair wig. For the money, it was so worth it! The front (bangs) were really long, so I was able to cut them just how I like.

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