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my dream dress........ i love this

This dress is my perfect dream wedding dress but can yu do it without the arm or make provision to remove the arm without spoiling the dress....Lovely dresses

i want this dress in a pearlly white ..been dreaming of a dress like this sine freshman year.. if i order now when will it be sent. prom it may 6th

I love this dress, as a matter of fact this will be my prom gown for Apil 2, 2011. I haven't ordered it yet but it is the gown of my dreams! I love the layout of the dress and the texture of it. I am looking forward to wearing this dress and making everyone jealous!

Good commodity and delivery is also ok.I'm satisfied with it! it yould be great if thr petticoat would come together with it :) but anyway, its my dream dress

could i get this dress from the picture in the color purple for a prom dress? is that possible or can you only order wedding dresses in white?

dress was a hit at the wedding!!!!!!!!absolutely wonderful :)))))))))))))))

i want a nice wedding dress

my prom is may 14 will the dress come on before then or by then ?

ineed this dress in 3 weeks for my wedding pls

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