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If i ordered my dress on March 1, 2011 will it be here plenty of time before April 30th? Because thats prom and im getting worried that it wont get here in time

Hey i'm really interested in this dress for my senior prom :) but i have one question. what is the material used for the actual skirt and the band? My mom and I are trying to get a mental picture

Do your workdays include the weekends (Saturday and Sunday)? If i choose the DHL shipping will the dress be in the United State before the 25th of March? If i order it soon? My Prom the March 25th.

Hi, i was just wondering if i ordered my dress April 1st, will it be here before May 7th? My prom is on May 7th!!

what color feather can it have just black? im not sure if i would like it in a different colour for prom and im not sure which colour i like

hii I like this dress and want to by it , but if I order it today will I get it before my prom 2 june. and can I have the dress without the sweep/brush train.

i live in Washington and my prom at May 27. i wonder if i buy a dress at May 9. Can I able to get it on time or I have to pay for the shipping in order to get it on time?

I ordered this dress in blue for my prom this year.. but im kind of scared i wont like it because i cant see it in the blue. is there anyway i can see what it would look like in blue?

hmm, its for my prom and i really wanted this dress, is there any other places i could get this dress? or could i pay extra for it to be delivered in time by any chance?

MY prom is april 9th will this dress be here..if i order it today,without tailoring...i dont see the option for expedited shipping..im in the us in st.louis mo

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