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Dress was good but there was glue on the flower.

I was wanting to order this dress, but since the flowers are seperate, can you email me a picture of what it looks like without the flowers? And my wedding is in August, if I order in the next day or two, will it be in intime?

My order was placed under the name Aimee. My friend ordered my dress for me. I received my dress, it was very pretty yet, custom sized to fit me however the chest was made too big and the length was too short. The back of the dress where it laces up sticks out at the bottom. The flower on the dress is not as in the picture. The dress is 6 lbs. very pretty and nice quality. I honestly didn't know what my dress would look like after being told not to order from China but, it is made well. I do like it however, it's just too short! My wedding is soon ! When people order dresses please make sure you go by the measurements.

hello! my good friend is getting married and we saw this dress and loved it. we had a question.. could the dress be white and the flowers alongside of the dress and the one flowered strap be chocolate brown? we need chocolate brown somewhere in the dress because those are the colors for her wedding.. thank you -Ana

thank you very much, if comprare this dress in three months but I want white with dark purple flowers that my wedding is purple, you can change the color of wine a dark purple color.

is it possible to order this dress without the flowers on the skirt?

PLEASE HELP! Hi I received my dress and it looks nice, but the length is short without heels, and i was wondering if i can get some extra pieces of the fabric that was used to make this, like the petals. If not I was wondering what i can do because i need the dress to be ready within a month and i am sort of panicking i would need at least 17 pieces of those petals used to make the dress.

can i get this dress made with the bottom like this dress instead?

If you do not want a slit at the bottom of the dress, can you alter it?

Is it possible to have a black sash added to the dress instead of the flower?

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