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Would it be possible to tailor this amazing dress in lenght be knees? As for example blue coctail dress Item Code: 00201581. And is it possible to ship this dress to Lithuania? Thank You.

hi, could i please have this dress in white. i will be more than happy to have that because in ma church any other color apart from white, is interpreted differently. thank you

Hi, Can you make the dress in color white but the beading work also in white or silver too ? and If I order today or tomorrow will be ready by June 10.. here with me in Texas, USA ???

Turned out in the exact style that i wanted but i ordered a blue dress and was delivered a purple dress. Whoevere made it used the wrong color material for it

if i order a blue dress would the strus be suitable for the dress color,I mean I saw the purple dress with dark purple and black strus,so what are the colors of struss would u put on the blue one. thnx

ineed this dress in 3 weeks for my wedding pls

Hello, I absolutely love this dress...but I saw in the description that the color is ivory. It It is possible that you make it on white????

Please will the dress be two colours like in the picture? And will the colour I change be the red or the white? Thank you.

what colour is the dress in the pic is it white plzs get back 2 me asap.thanks

will like 2 know is the dress white and silver.........................could u plzs get back 2 me asap

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