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I am considering buying this dress for my future daughter in law but before i do so would you mind answering few questions. 1- Are you able to add sleeves to the dress, I imagine a small balloon shape to match the train of the dress and add beads to it to match the beads on the chest . 2- Is it possible to send me a sketch for the sleeve before you add it to the dress or you need me to do the sketch myself? 3- I would like to add the same design( with the beads) that you have on the side of the dress to the entire edge of the train. 4- Is it possible to design something that will allow you to attach the train of the dress inside /underneath the dress so that after the ceremony, the bride will be able to walk without the train being dragged on the floor behind her. 5- Finally how much extra it will be to do all of the above?

I would like to say that i wasn’t too impressed with my dress when it came. The dress wasn’t the same as the one in this picture as some details/beadings were missing. Also the low scooped back isn’t low at all on my dress which i am very disappointed in. The quality of the dress is poor. The dress looks like it isn’t made to a good enough standard as some measurements are wrong. The straps are too small so i will have to get that altered aswell. However i am very pleased with my dress being shipped out so quickly as i am able to get it altered in time for my prom. Thanks.

Hi, I'm really interested in purchasing this dress for my prom. I saw like a couple of weeks ago that there were 8 photos shown here. Why do you take them away? I am interested in the all white one with black inside (without any leopard fabric) so I was wondering what color would be the dress at the moment of purchasing since the dress has 2 colors and I only can click for one color? I hope you can answer me back because this dress is really important for me. I send to you a picture that I saved of the white and black dress that Im talking about. Thank you so much for your help!

hello.,firsti of all, when i made the order, i have put the SPECIFIC MEASUREMENTS for the DRESS..!!!!!!!!!!!! i didn't select the exaxct size from the size chart. YOU should CHECK it.. i have ALSO ordered a JACKET if you remeber which i paid for it 2 or 3 days before, which i want it to be the same as the picture..! i told you that i want the JACKET in size medium which in the US chart is size 8. please go and CHECK the sizes i gave you for the dress.!! i have put you the exact measurements so don't make any MISTAKES. remeber to send me the dress WITH the jacket. you have the money in your account

Hi its been a long time i ordered the dress # 29081,, and im still waiting for it.. i have a wedding coming soon and need it as soon as possible. I've sent you a message a week ago, but i did not receive any answer. Can you please tell me what happen with the order. but when i track the number EE506226200CN (with Canada Post) it seems that it has been shipped back to you.. but i NEVER receive nothing at home and the address registered in FishInTheSky website is correct. you can reach me by email. [email protected] Here is all the information about the dress ordered: Elegant Formal Dress Size - US 4Color - Burgundy Amount paid: USD 80.36 1 Delivered Check Shipping Information Standard USD 0.00 USD 80.36 Thank you!!

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my wife told me not to order this set on line now that i have she loves it and tells all her friends about it and shows it off to all her friends and they love this set i would tell any body to by this set.

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How do I cancel this order? The policy states that I will not get all of my money back. Can I put the refund toward another order?

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