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hi. i ordered this dress 24th april and it seems to still be in proccess. i was wondering when the dress will be sheeped? i realy need this dress to my sisters wedding 1th june, will i be able to recive it then? i hope you can inform me about it soon. thanks

Hello, I would like to get more information about the '2011 New Style Wedding Dresses XF30900 Item Code: 00241973'. What material is it made out of? Are their beads on it and if not what are the sparkles over the dress? And how does the dress do up; zip or is it threaded and tied at the back? Thankyou

Hello, I would like ask,if I order this wedding dress or another, do I get with them also the petticoat? And with this dress is there option to attach the train to dress for example for better dancing or walking,I mean that the train will be not on the floor?? thank you

Hi, I ordered this dress on 17 January. Can you please inform me about the stautus of my dress? Order number is 18641. Soon I hav a wedding and I want to know when I will receive the dress. Thank you.

Hi, I going to have a beach wedding on May and I would like to order this dress during this week ... but I would like to know - Could you make this dress from Chiffon and Satin? - no from Taffeta and Organza like it is write in description. Thank you

I would like to order this dress in a size 24 I was wondering does they run small because whaat I were told wedding dresses run small I would like to know and where would I order it from I need an address.

I am interested in starting a business selling wedding dresses, can provide more information to be your wholesale distributor? I live in Veracruz, Mexico, my first purchase would be 5 dresses, I need the cost including shipping and if there is a gift as a color book or catalog on CD. Thanks. Best Regards.

This dress is absolutely fabulous - exactly what i see myself wearing on my wedding day! My question is how can you offer them at such a low cost ? Is this for real??!! Is the strap detachable? I live in Jamaica, will the dress look as good as it does online after shipping it so far?

Hello Again, yes my order number is 26626, please let know the factory, that I don't want any modification in color of the wedding dress. I just want the dress exactly as the picture. White Satin with the bearing just like the image. Thanks

Hello... I would like to ask a couple of question.... 1) There a petticoat included for this wedding dress and if not can you add the specific one needed for this dress? If yes which will be the total sum? 2) Can the train be detachable? I want to have the train from the ceremony and then take it off for the reception.... Thanks in advance

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