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this dress is really beautiful i am going to where it for a ball the only thing i can say is that you have to get it 2 sizes up if your a size 12 cause i had to send mine back because of size but other then that i love the dress

Hello. Im thinking about ordering this dress. I have been unable to find out, if it cost any extra choosing the custom size instead of the normal sizes? And does it take longer for you to make the custom sized dresses? Thanks Mia

I am interested in this dress and I was wondering if it costs extra to order the dress in a custom size? Thanks!

This is a gorgeous dress should have went a size up but the dress is great thank you

The dress is beautiful and really good quality, sizing s a bit small though, but gorgeous dress..........

I ordered a dress on may 2nd, and am hoping it comes in soon so I can order remaining 8 prior to the end of your sale 6/1/11. I only ordered one to see how it fit to the measurements sent. Is there a way to track the shipping process? Sincerely, Leticia

If I were to order this dress today (5/13/2011), would I recieve it no later than 5 weeks which would be (6/17/2011) for my wedding? It will be shipped to Tennessee, USA. Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need a response a.s.a.p!

It is a bit too short! I am almost 6 foot tall! BUT I LOVE IT! It is perfect! Great quality and professional look. I look like I have a very modern and expensive dress. This is for my reception and after party after the wedding and it has exceeded my expectations! Thank you so much!!

I would like to order this dress for my brother's bridesmaid, which are 3 if I order it now would be ready before 25/6 for his wedding, could you please let me know as quick as you could, thank you.

Hi FishInTheSky, I am interested in purchasing this dress, but I'm worried it won't arrive on time... If I order it today/tonight, will it arrive by the 1st of July? My prom is on the 6th. Thank you in advance

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