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Thanks a lot I liked the dress but the size is different from what I used to have ( my size ‎is US 6 for bust and US 10 for waist

Could I possibly change color in this dress on purple.

Hi i was woundering that if i ordered this dress in purple would the beading also be purple?

What is the color of the dress shown in the picture. It appears to be purple but you have different shades of purples available.

I want to put in an order for a dress very soon but dont know if its best as custom size or other???!!!! Also, my concern is that the colour i would like it in, that it will be different when it arrives :o( I would like it in hot pink, would that be fushia on your colour chart??? As that looks quite purple on chart and i certainly dont want it purple!!!! please can you guide me on my dilemma.. Thanx x

thank you very much, if comprare this dress in three months but I want white with dark purple flowers that my wedding is purple, you can change the color of wine a dark purple color.

Is it possible to send by post a swatch for this dress.... I want it purple

could i please have the dress in the purple colour like on the picture.

I want my dress to be the color on the picture. so purple

Hi, I need to order 5 of these dresses in Light Plum for my bridesmaids. They are all different sizes. Girl 1: size 2/ Girl 2: size 4/ Girl 3: size 4/ Girl 4: size 14 and Girl 5: size 12. I do not know how to order multiple dresses in one order so could you let me know how I can go about ordering them? As well, will these arrive by the end of July. My wedding is August 6th. Please let me know as soon as possible because I do not have enough time. I appreciate your help. Thanks

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