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Hi, Can you make this shawl for 8 year old girls as well?

Hello! Its been a long time I am watching this wonderful dress,and i wished to order it for my daughter.She is 8 years old but her proportions doesnt fit the size for 8 years old girls.She is chubby and tall as well.so i wonder if i can order this dress for her but her waist and hight doesnt fit the sizes here.Can You please consult and explain to me is it possible to order this dress for her.If yes then how I have to order if the sizes in the table doesnt match her proporsions,Thank You in advance. P.S: we really love this dress

my prom is may 14 will the dress come on before then or by then ?

My 8 year old daughter received it and she really addicted.Good size and nice quality.

Hello there, I was wanting to buy this for my prom next year. How long will this dress be available?

Hi, I need to order 5 of these dresses in Light Plum for my bridesmaids. They are all different sizes. Girl 1: size 2/ Girl 2: size 4/ Girl 3: size 4/ Girl 4: size 14 and Girl 5: size 12. I do not know how to order multiple dresses in one order so could you let me know how I can go about ordering them? As well, will these arrive by the end of July. My wedding is August 6th. Please let me know as soon as possible because I do not have enough time. I appreciate your help. Thanks

I would like to order this dress but I need it for my prom on May 14th. If i do expedited shipping will i recieve it in time?

i want this dress in a pearlly white ..been dreaming of a dress like this sine freshman year.. if i order now when will it be sent. prom it may 6th

I ordered this dress in blue for my prom this year.. but im kind of scared i wont like it because i cant see it in the blue. is there anyway i can see what it would look like in blue?

Will I be able to order this dress next year?

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