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Since the color slot allows you to choose from a list of colors when ordering this dress does that mean you can pick whichever color you would like? If not, are you supposed to guess which color is pictured?

Hi, Yesterday I ordered the dress and I chose the pink color. I want to change it to the same color in the picture. I did not notice that option in color selection. Could you please change it to the same color in the picture. I will appreciate if you could help me. Thank You

Hello! I want to order this dress. Is there any possibility of tailoring to individual size? I would like to know, have you had the experience of tailoring is this dress?

Absolutely perfect dress, normal in size. I got the dress a few days ago and I am completely happy with it. just love it;D

The dresses are three.The order numbers are: 38387-40333, 38387-40334 and 38387-40335. I will pay for the shipment to China for the exchange and the express shipment back to United States of America. I size 16 for all 3 dress. The size 12 dresses I received were too small for me. They did not fit.

I am just about to order this dress for my daughters prom, my query its, as we are in the UK will i receive the dress before July 1st. the UK and USA dress sizes are different, i will be ordering a USA 8 hopefully this will fit UK size 10.

Hi I order this dress on 04/03, my order number is 29037.I made some requirements on the dress, I ask for a petticoat, the train one meter longer, color ivory, in satin,size 10, lace zip up in the back, just as the picture,I ask for detachable straps if you guys can make it, like in the model 00211986,and the most important thing, I NEED to add 2 inches more in the superior part of the dress(in the beading area) and all around the dress, because I dont like to show too much, and it will be disrespect for my church. I am so nervous about this because I don't really feel like explaining well to you guys. so, I am gonna say this in a different way. I want the dress to cover a little bit more in the upper part of the dress, I want the dress just like in the picture , with the only difference that my dress will be 2 inches more in the superior part,whit the same beading and all that........awwww, Did I explain it or not, please tell me, because this is given me nightmares, thank you. Oh, and also need one meter of the same fabric, in case that I need to make some alterations, thank you very much.

Fast delivery and excellent size.

I finally got my dress! And it's lovely ! The beading is white not silver like on the picture. The fabric is lovely and the size is perfect (custom size).. Im very satisfied with my dress, i ordered it 31 january and got it 22 march. Thank you FishInTheSky!

Hi, i would like to hear your opinion about the dress . I live in Holland and here I have size XS,what size can I order and what coulor is the dress on the pfoto? Thank you by forhand,Gonul,Den Haag,Holland.

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