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first i just want to say that i LOVE your dresses. i am going to a school prom 4. february. and i were just wondering if i am going to get the dress before the prom? btw, i live in Norway :)

Great commodity as fast shipping!! I got my dress and its beautiful!!! I love it!! I am now ready for Prom!! =)

hi! I want to know if it is possible to buy this drees but making it without the tail. and do you think if this an apropriete dress for a prom party? thank you

I would like to order this dress but I need it for my prom on May 14th. If i do expedited shipping will i recieve it in time?

Hey I just wonder if you have shipped my dress? Please I have prom in two weeks I need it very soon! thanks

i live in glasgow and my prom is on the 6th of june. when would i have to order the dress in order to get it in time?

I am ordering my dress today Feb. 18, and was wondering if it will make it here before April 9th in time for prom.

I ordered my dress today, with expedited shipping. Am I likely to receive it before my prom, which is on April 2? Thank you!

My dress was ordered about 30 days ago and would like to have it before the 29th of April for prom. Will this be possible? Thank you

i would like this dress for my prom it is may 9th and i want to know if i can get it by june 12

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