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Hello, could you tell me what colour the dress in the main picture is. Is it dark royal blue? Thank you kindly, best wishes. This dress is fab!

Hi, i am ordering this dress for my prom and i was wondering if you could make it in the Dark Navy Blue, if so how do I go about changing the color and checking out.... Thank you

Hi I want to order this dress in royal blue, but I can't find 'Rich lace colour map' to see how the colour is.... Best regards /Maria

Hey! I ordered that dress in Dark Navy and I took that for granted that the beading gets the same colour. In the case if the beading is Royal Blue, can I still change the colour in Dark Navy? Thx

i am interested in this dress. would i be able to get matching bolero made to go with it. the colour i am interested in is fushia and royal blue. i would like to get two in each of these colours

Hello, I am interested in this dress, but I am not sure whether they can arrive on time (NY state).. I need it till March 23rd.. prefer royal blue or black.. would it be possible? thanks

Hello! I wanted to order this dress today if I order him will it be on time. I need it in june the 8th. I want it in chiffon and the colour darkroyal blue. Can you make that one time?

hi, i would like to order 5 of this dresses in HOT PINK that decoration under the bow is that a brooch?? let me know what price you can give me for 5 dresses and how do we do with the sizes, and what happens if they dont fit THANK YOU

Hello! I’m interested in buying the dress 4088, Item Code 00236555. I would like to have this dress in royal blue colour, but there is nowhere I can pick or choose the type of fabric (I want chiffon-royal blue). Can you please help me with that. If the dress doesn’t fit me, can i still send it back and get the money? Can you please send me a photo of this dress to have a closer look at it ?. The shipping is free, right? Thanks in advance

Hi! I just ordered this dress for my prom but I would like to have it in pearl pink insted of ivory, which I chose if possible. I would also like to remove both of the shoulder strands and the trail so that it is suitible for my prom

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