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the dress arrived today it fits like a glove I'm sure I will feel like a celebrity at my party next month Thankyou

If I order this dress on May 6, 2011, can I get it the latest time June 10, 2011? my birthday Party will be June 11, 2011

Hi, I'm having a party on 8th October and I was thinking, whether this dress can be made and delivered in Finland before that?

wow this dress is beautiful indeed! whats the back of the dress like though?:$ i wanna purchase this dress for my engagment party.. and would appreciate if you can send me a pic of the back of the dress. thanx

I am interesting in this dress....but, I want know if Could you please send me two sample factory (WEDDING DRESSES AND PARTY DRESSES) . I hope to continue working with you.

Can this same style dress be made for a flower girl but with straps? If so, how much would it be? I will greatly appreciate your promp response. Thank you.

iam sorry i havent recieved an e-mail about the dress the only one i have from yous is about deals yous have, iam starting to panic as my party is in 2weeks thanks

Hello, I was wondering if my dress would arrive before my party which is going to be on 21st- june. Actually i started to get worried. please advice. Thanks

I love this dress, and would like to purchase it for my sweet 16 party, but I was wondering, do you have to buy the jacket as well? or is that part seperate? Thank you!

i would really like this dress and my party is on the 24th of June and i've order the dress on the 2nd of June, is it possible that i could receive it by the 23rd because this dress is awesome and i don't reallly want to get a refund?

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