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Hi please. if i pay the dress now can you have it done until the 30 juni please. i really need the dress. it's for my doughters wedding thanks

and i was also wondering if i get the dress in purple will the studs also be purple? if so is it possible to get them in silver because i need the dress for a wedding ASAP thank you

Hello! I'm interested in your production! I'd like to know is this wedding dress original meggie sottero or made in Chine? Where can I see alredy done dresses?

Hi, I'm interested in this wedding dress, but I want to know if the dress i will buy, is exactly like the photo, not only the model but the fabric, embroidery, and if you have champange color, thanks.

Item Code: 00199798 will i be able to get that coded wedding dress in Champagne. can i have a look how it will look in that colour the dress i choose. thankz for your kind help

Hello, I ordered this dress on 19/05 but the wedding has been cancelled and i would now also like to cancel the order for the dress. How possible is this? Your urgent response will be appreciated...thank you

I got my wedding dress today and its a relly nice dress . its 90% like the picture. very good job. thank you very much.

I request you to show the cost of the wedding dress selected above from the country it manufactures up to Tanzania country -Dar es Salaam( Africa). and which country designed that dress

How long will my dress take to get to my house, if i ordered it on wednesday march 2, 2011? My wedding is on april 16th and I am very excited to get my dress but will it be here in time?

I just would like the date that my wedding dress would be ship to me my big day is on the 27 of january2011 i had place the order on the 4th of this mounth and i love that dress.

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