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I have paid by western union and i don't know anything about processing or about money: did you get the money or no? when I can get the dress?

i like this dress and would like to know where you shop is at in which country will i be able to come over and have a look at the dress ?

the wedding dress requested for is Princess V neck Train Satin wedding dress for brides and the amount is USD 140.81/1 unit

Hello, I am of venzuela, and want to know if they send by post this dress to my country. Which is the cost of the sending? Would like me in colour sage.

I need a petty coat with this dress, how much will that cost me and i also want the same style for mini bride of about 4yrs how much will her dress cost. Thanks

I am very pleased with my dress, it matches exactly the sizes given to you when placing the order. I would recommend any bride to make her dress at your shop. A big THANK YOU!

Dear Sir, I was just wondering if the Western Union Transfer went through satisfactorily, and also wondering when I might expect to receive the beautiful dress. Prom is in May, and I'm so excited about it! Thank you so much. Kimberly

Excellent commodity as well as fast delivery, I like it very much! The dress is beautiful. Needs alterations, but expected when made based on few measurements and in another country.

Hello, can I make my payments through MasterCard debit card? And from the information on your site, it is free shipping to only Nigeria or including other countries? I want the dress shipped to the UK.

You said that i can recieve this dress by the end of June but Dominica is not on the list of countries you ship to, so how am i to get it shipped to Dominica.

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