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hi, I request your services I hope that your team is good. I am an Angolan and friend passed me your site, as I'm getting married next year and I wanted your services, but I was wondering if I have my wedding dress model you're doing? or just make your models already existing on your site? Another concern for residents in other countries as they do own the delivery and payment. Thank you for your attention, please understand my English so I speak Portuguese.

Good morning! I am writing again to know how the process of my order # 24296 and ask if they received the money sent through Western Union. Thanks for the information. I await your prompt response.

I am considering buying this dress for my future daughter in law but before i do so would you mind answering few questions. 1- Are you able to add sleeves to the dress, I imagine a small balloon shape to match the train of the dress and add beads to it to match the beads on the chest . 2- Is it possible to send me a sketch for the sleeve before you add it to the dress or you need me to do the sketch myself? 3- I would like to add the same design( with the beads) that you have on the side of the dress to the entire edge of the train. 4- Is it possible to design something that will allow you to attach the train of the dress inside /underneath the dress so that after the ceremony, the bride will be able to walk without the train being dragged on the floor behind her. 5- Finally how much extra it will be to do all of the above?

hi .please can u predict when my deress will be arrived at my place.coz i have to go anpther country for my wedding.its important for me to arrang every thing.thanks

Hi, I western unioned the total amount for my orders 41410 and i have not received any payment confirmation,I have sent a couple of emails to FishInTheSky and still no response,can you please tell me what is happening with my payment confirmation because I am now beginning to wonder if FishInTheSky is a scam or legit. Thank you.

Wonderful dress :)

Beautiful dress

Is the dress high quality fabric and what rating is the dress?

HI, is the belt on this dress a separate piece or is it sewn to the dress?

Will this dress be made exactly like this dress if I order it ?

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