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I really love this design dress along with many others. Can I just ask if I could have this made slightly longer to calf length (halfway between ankle and knee) thank you How long will it take?

If I order this bridal dress, wilI I get the same one as in the picture, with the veil and all ?

excuse me can i order this dress with another color not the bridal color eg red

A-Line Sweetheart Sleeveless Lace Embroidery Beading Bridal Gown Wedding dress is test! ok? hi!

love this dress!!!!can i get it in a longer length

Hi, just an enquiry on this black dress item no 00213005, at the bottom could it be finished in a fish tail effect, starting just above the knee at the front and finishing to the ankle at the back with white fabric as well. Also, need the dress on 9th July 2011, could you have it completed and sent to me two weeks prior. Thanks Janene

Hi, Is it possible to have this dress with similar belt as the dress: Empire Strapless Court Chiffon Bridal Gown (3AD0210)? If so, will the cost for the dress be the same? Thanks. Brgs Niina

I was wondering if this dress would look nice @ knee-length

can it also be of same material of the dress 00208296 and full arm length?

Is it possible to get this dress made to floor length? And how much would this cost?

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