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I was wondering if the dress ran a little small or a little large? I am usually a size 6, but sometimes I have to go to a size 8 if the dress runs a little small on top.

hi, i liked more than a dress but i live in Lebanon and i dont know my size in your sizes, and how if i order a dress and it didn't fit me? thank you nada

this dress is really beautiful i am going to where it for a ball the only thing i can say is that you have to get it 2 sizes up if your a size 12 cause i had to send mine back because of size but other then that i love the dress

Hello. Im thinking about ordering this dress. I have been unable to find out, if it cost any extra choosing the custom size instead of the normal sizes? And does it take longer for you to make the custom sized dresses? Thanks Mia

I am interested in this dress and I was wondering if it costs extra to order the dress in a custom size? Thanks!

This is a gorgeous dress should have went a size up but the dress is great thank you

The dress is beautiful and really good quality, sizing s a bit small though, but gorgeous dress..........

Hi, i would like to know if you guys ca make the tail longer and also make in in satin organza fabric? I went to bridal place in miami and i fit well in size 12 which they said that is the standard size they order. im a size 4 usually but in wedding dresses run small.

i am going to order this dress but my size is between 6 and 8. What to do now? Can i submit the personal size or do i have to chose between? Please let me know. Amira

Thanks a lot I liked the dress but the size is different from what I used to have ( my size ‎is US 6 for bust and US 10 for waist

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