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Hi! If I order a prom dress from this website today when will it arrive? I live in Washington state US

Hi. I have prom comming up and I wondered if ordered this dress this week if I would get it by early April

I ordered this dress on February 28, and I was wondering would it be here before my prom date which is April 29.

i have a question.. my prom is June 24th, if i order a dress by this week when would it arrive?

I am interested in ordering two prom dresses from your company, but I'm worried about ordering online.

If i order this dress on march 22nd , will i have it by my prom day which is april 30th

what would be my size for a prom dress if i wear 17-18 waist and XL top

I am in intrestesd in buying 4088 prom dress. but i feel this website may be a scam because its so cheap..

if my prom is on the 25th May, when is the latest i can order my dress, and how long will it take?

I am in love with this website!!! :) I am ordering my prom dress and other things on this website! Thanks!

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