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hello. I love the style of the dress, it is for my son's wedding,is there any way I could have it knee length instead to the floor. Thank you. Bernice Chavis

i am interested in this dress but i want to know if i want the sleeves in this dress and back fully covered with fabric no exposure from the back so can you make it as i want it and being with this can you do this dress in two colour i mean either tea pink and black or black and red with white embroidery which is shown in the photo can you please tell me if it is possible

Hi, I would like to order this dress Mermaid Sleeveless Floor-Length Vintage Wedding Dresses (Free Shipping) Item Code: 00211988. However,I would like the dress just like in the picture in white and I would like it custom made specially the length as I will not be able to shorten it if ever it is too long. Moreover, you have describe the dress as sleeveless, does that mean the model has got a shrug on or is it part of the dress? Thank You.

love this dress!!!!can i get it in a longer length

Hello..... I love this dress and this week i want to buy it, but i have a question first: I want the corset of this dress to be like in one of the pictures u have in 1-th page on wedding dresses (the 8-th dress) under this dress it is write (Color Weddding Dresses Champagne Lace Choker Neck Floor Length)........i hope u know about whici one i talk:) And also i would love this dress in 2 pieces :dress corset Is this possible?

I was wondering if this dress would look nice @ knee-length

can it also be of same material of the dress 00208296 and full arm length?

Is it possible to get this dress made to floor length? And how much would this cost?

aw.. is it possible for me to change only the length of the dress by any chance?:'(

Hello i'am writting to you from Denmark, i need this dress before on may 22.. is it possible that it can be sent quickly because I need it for my sister's wedding. it must be a size 8 and it must be chapagne color it is this dress i talk about. http://www.FishInTheSky.com/product/New-Style-Sheath-Column-Sweetheart-Floor-length-Elastic-Woven-Satin-Prom-Dresses-JB34375-241549.html I hope to hear from you soon Selma :-)

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