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Please. check your email at service@hotmai where i scanned again the sketch of this dress with the sleeves and the upper top as one piece, you are yet to tell me if you can do the dress that way instead of your suggestions to add a jacket from your web site Plus i would like to know if you can add something to the back to be able to lift the tail while walking or dancing.

I like this dress but I want to know if there are extra charges if I specify the color and the size (custom size, inches)

dear sir/madam Im jus writing to enquire this dress l jus want to order 9 dresses l have checked the colour code but l did not find turquoise colour so is it okay if you can do the same dress in that colour.l also want to ask if you can make one of the dress in different style for my best girl

what a great toy. It has nearly all the functionality of an iPad, plus some the iPad doesn't have.

Thank you so much. My daughter is very happy with her new Prom Dress. It is a beautiful dress and it is beautiful on. It arrived on time. Thank you so much for making her look like a princess on her special day, and thank you so much for saving me money! My daughter and I were both home when it arrived and we where yelling 'The dress is Here!!' when we saw it was FEDEX...HAPPY HAPPY GIRLS!!

Hy. I have seen the same dress, on the same girl (model) on www.promgirl.com. Can you please be so kind and sent me some pictures of this dress meade by your company (in any colour). I am very interested in buying one, but I would like to be sure of the final result. Thank you!

hello, i want buy this dress, my size size is 36, but my hollow size is 1.40cm. can you tailor this dress for me, whit this measure?

Hello FishInTheSky! I recived my wedding dress today and it's beautiful ♥ I LOVE IT!!!.... It's all that I want!!!. I'm the happiest girl in the world... it is exactly like the picture. There are a few details to fix but noting to worry about. Thank you very much for the petticoat ^^ THANK YOU TIDEBUY...

can i have the same dress in size 10 or 12.

the sizes could be a little more generous but really happy with the dress! thank you...

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