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I like the hot pink dress that is on the picture. I tried ordering it but it didn't have hot pink on the chart is it called something else?

I really like the hot pink dress, I tried looking for that color in the chart but it doesn't say it is it called something different?

Hi, Just wondering if it would be possible to get some fabric samples for this dress sent to me? And how much would it cost to get them (in Australian dollars)? I need fabric samples for both fuschia and pink, in both fabrics. Thankyou.

hi, i would like to order 5 of this dresses in HOT PINK that decoration under the bow is that a brooch?? let me know what price you can give me for 5 dresses and how do we do with the sizes, and what happens if they dont fit THANK YOU

I love thiss dress and would love to get it in a fuschia. Is that possible? I would also like it without a train.

i really like the first dress in the picture and i would like to know what color it is, i know it lists 'hot pink' as the description but that color isn't on the list..and i dont want to choose the catagory 'the same as the picture' in my order because i dont want the brown one..so i was wondering what colors that dress is in so i get my order right. thank you.

I want to put in an order for a dress very soon but dont know if its best as custom size or other???!!!! Also, my concern is that the colour i would like it in, that it will be different when it arrives :o( I would like it in hot pink, would that be fushia on your colour chart??? As that looks quite purple on chart and i certainly dont want it purple!!!! please can you guide me on my dilemma.. Thanx x

sir,i have choosen one dress wid following description:- Sweetheart Neckline with One-shoulder Ball Gown Hot Selly Royal Wedding Dress WD-0049 (Free Shipping) Item Code: 00210719.its displayed color in the pic is champagne but i want to see this dress in the same material as in the pic but in water melon,dark royal blue,skin pink, so that i can finally make my order for it.iam sending you the pic of the dress that i want to see in above mentioned color.i will be thankfull to you if you do me this kind favour,as it would be easy for me to order my dress. thanking you

Can the dress come in white with the embroidery in fushia pink?

hello its me again, since it is a church wedding i would need a shawl about 18'x60' for covering in the same colour as the dress is there an extra fee and is it possible?

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