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To Whom it may Concern: Due to my order, I expect to receive my dresses by today, as mentioned above for the time chat of tailor and shipping. I dont know if there is any way to tress my order, if your company send it or not yet. Could anyone help me here please as I have wedding to attend end of this week. Please let me know if my dresses are on the way or still there. I will be very much appreciated for your co-operation. Thank you in advance, Yours truly customer.

what fabric is this dress made of?

dress is great, made ​​of quality materials

I have three size 12 dresses I ordered on the 25th of may that do not fit. I want size 16 for exchange for all three of them. I will pay for express shipping with FEDEX mail both to China and back to United States of America. Can I receive them back by the 16th of June 2011 because I need to use them on the 17th & 18th of June 2011

Hi, I send some e- mails to ask about this dress but I don´t have response.... I would like to buy this dress and a veil in color white custome size , I live in Ecuador but when I made order show me a text that your EMS can´t deliver to my country. How I can resolve it?

My order was 47891. There were three dresses. The problem is that delivery was not free as you said and the postage was 16 euro for each parcel because you sent it in three orders and not one. I paid customs, which I was expecting to pay. I was not however expecting to pay a total of 48 euro for delivery. I am satisfied with your dresses, they are well made and are very attractive.

could i contact a customer who has previously purchased this same dress??

This dress is a beauty, is incredible and highlights the figure, is very elegant! I bought it for my civil wedding and I will send you photos later so you can see how it looks! I'm super happy and satisfied with the quality of clothing, fabric, sewing, details, delivery time and excellent service of customer service department, etc. Really I will recommend with my eyes closed from now on, to FishInTheSky, for any occasion!

I wrote to you several days ago asking if my dress can be sent by the end of this month (MARCH) and no one has bothered to reply. it is already several weeks late in being sent to me. I need to know because i need time for alterations. my seamstress only has a small amount of time between now and my wedding date to do my alterations because she has several other customers to attend to. PLEASE GET BACK TO ME!!!!!

I have ordered the Hot A-line V-neck Floor-length Elastic Woven Satin Silver Evening Dress customed to be made without the train. My birthday is the 4th Of June and I was hoping I would recieve it before then, I ordered it on th 5/05/2011 Do u think I will recieve it in time? Regards Sinead X

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