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I love this set! It is such a good deal for its price and it matches our big bedroom and lilac wall very well. Fabric's good quality and sewn pretty well for something that was made in China.

Sorry just another question, on the description of the dress it says the material is organza and someone has asked what material it is and you said satin? Please can you confirm what material this dress is made from. I know that organza is stiff, scratches and could look quite cheap, is there any way that you could use silk and charge extra for it? I would prefer better quality if possible.

I was wondering if you accept requests for different dresses to be made? I know you custom make all you dresses and I was hoping that I could request a dress made by this same company? Thanks

I would like to order this dress for my wedding. But the wedding is the 1th of may 2011.......If I made the order today, will be arrive before this day???

hi how can i contact the seller without this forum. need to know whether my requirements are received to a custom made dress. i have made the payment via paypal. thanks.

Can this dress be made without the train? I like the dress but don't want it to look like a wedding gown.

i would love to purchase this dress, but i am afraid that i will receive a cheap knock off of the same dress i saw on another website.

On custom made size order, what do you mean by 'HOLLOW TO FLOOR'?

This was made with a few custom sizes changes. Fits very well..

Item Code: 00236832 Product Name: P1429 Prom Dress (Free Shipping) I wish that it dress be made in the material Matte Satin, and color Burgundy. and With custom measurements that I send of the dress best regards

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