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i like the dress item number 02241493 ball gown sweetheart floor-length organza & satin quinceanera dress, and i was wondering if you can get it in the color teal.

I still haven't received an email when you ship my dress out, and i ordered my dress 25 January . You should ship my dress by now because it takes 3-8 working days to ship it??.. I wonder if this is all is scam, has anyone ordered from this website?? Can you give me a date when it should arrive. I need it here before March 24.

Hi there, I ordered and payed for my dress on the 24th of April, I was wondering when the dress will be sent to me, I realise it takes 15 days for the processing, which is has now been yet my order status still seems to be processing. Ive got my 21st on the 17th of June, so would really like the dress to be here by then. Thanks

hello , I wanted to ask a couple of questions.we are looking at putting a order in of 4 chiffon one shoulder bodice and line short fassion cocktail dress g10!we were just wondering even though they are just above knees in pic do we still need to measure from shoulders to our heels or do we measure from shouldres to our knees as hights will very between each girl?also we want ech dress in a different colour one of the colours we were looking at was a green but the greens you have on display just isnt the right colour i would like.if possible do you have any other colour green than whats on your display page?also if we place a order by the 17th dec 2010 will we defanatly have them bak by the end of january 2011?as our wedding day is febuary 13th 2011!!! many thanks miss shayla vinton. day time phone number is 0405342089.

You said in the description that the length of the veil is 36 and width is 72 inches. I need the veil to be like the lenght of the dress this mean to touch the floor.thanks for your kind reply

hello again, why then there is a comment section to write the notes in the order if you don't read it and don't take them into consideration? I wrote there very clearly that I want the length of the dress longer to wear it with heels.

I have emailed many times but have received no reply. Can i ensure that the beading of the dress is only in silver? Also the length from the shoulder to the floor, and i change this to 57 inches instead of 56? Thanks.

is it possible to get this dress in matt satin because i wouldnt like it to be to floaty as it is for prom and i want it to be more stiff and would it be possible to get it the same length all the way round with no trail

Mermaid Strapless Floor-length Evening Dress(EV0100) hi plz can you tell me what type of fabric i need the same color and fabric in the photo

Should I put on the shoes I'm going to wear when I measure the length from shoulder to floor? Because if I don't, wouldn't the dress be too short?

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