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i will wear this dress in my engagement party

How many more days will this take? Are you having problems making the dresses? Are they really finished making as i was told? What is the real story behind these dresses? You have already spoiled the plans by sending only two of the dresses. Now i dont know what to do. They are for a bridal party. Can you tell me the exact amount of days they will take to be shipped. I could have them shipped to USA which would reach quicker and someone take them for me. Please let me know.

I like this wig it's fun to wear around everyday and out to party's

hi! I want to know if it is possible to buy this drees but making it without the tail. and do you think if this an apropriete dress for a prom party? thank you

the dress arrived today it fits like a glove I'm sure I will feel like a celebrity at my party next month Thankyou

If I order this dress on May 6, 2011, can I get it the latest time June 10, 2011? my birthday Party will be June 11, 2011

Hi, I'm having a party on 8th October and I was thinking, whether this dress can be made and delivered in Finland before that?

wow this dress is beautiful indeed! whats the back of the dress like though?:$ i wanna purchase this dress for my engagment party.. and would appreciate if you can send me a pic of the back of the dress. thanx

I am interesting in this dress....but, I want know if Could you please send me two sample factory (WEDDING DRESSES AND PARTY DRESSES) . I hope to continue working with you.

is the upper part of the dress like a corset? if i wear underwear, will it show as it is satin?

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