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MY prom is april 9th will this dress be here..if i order it today,without tailoring...i dont see the option for expedited shipping..im in the us in st.louis mo

Hey, I ordered this dress 02:08:2011 and I havent recieved it yet.. Can you please tell me when it will be here ? My prom is soon (;

the dress got here in good time for my prom, it is of a really good quality and has been made to exact measurements i gave and is a perfect fit. i am really happy with it :D

My daugther prom is on june 4 if i make and order how long is going to take how many days because i cant take no chances a need to get that dress on time

I would like to buy this dress for my prom on the 13th may 2011, i'm slightly concerned. Could i return it if i choose not to wear it, and will it come in time?

I just recently purchased this dress for my prom. I was surprised when i received the dress and it was a cream color instead of the pink color shown in the picture. I like the color that I received but it was not what i ordered..The beading is nice and as well as the fabric. Overall this is a nice dress, i will have to have it altered to fit me a certain way but i am glad that i purchased it. It will be perfect for prom!

My dress hasn't even been shipped yet, it's still processing, and I'm worried I'm not going to get it in time for prom (this Saturday). I'd like to get it by Friday if that's possible please, and if I don't, I'll be returning the dress and expecting a full refund because I won't need it after prom. I hope you could understand and if you could ship the dress out tomorrow that would be appreciated. Thanks.

I love this dress!! But i have prom May 7 2011, and wondered if the 15 days also includes the time it will get to my house. Because that would be 2 days before prom, which is fine for me. But if it isnt, is there a way i can get it shipped out faster? I found a dress FINALY that I like.

Hey FishInTheSky. Just wondering..I am going to buy this dress for my prom on the 1st of July and want it made to measure. I want to make sure I get the right measurements so I want to leave it as late as possible to buy it as I'm losing weight. When do you suggest buying it to get it delivered by the 24th of June (a week before the prom)? And does this dress still come with a free pettecoat? Thank you!

I just love this dress and i would love to wear this to my prom but I'm scared that I may not get it in time because the prom is May 26th. I live in Sweden so i was just wondering how long it will take for me to get the dress. Is there something special in the shipping or processing that I can do to get it sooner?

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