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its avery nice dress,i want to order it ,but can i have ajacket to cover the arms and the back

Black Lace Chest Skirt Color Wedding Dresses Item Code: 00204658 Would you have a shawl to go with this dress please. As we are having a winter wedding and would be nice to cover my arms and shoulders when it gets too cold. many thanks

I would like to know on this dress instead of a jacket I want shoulder straps like shown. My shoulders would show but then have sleeves with the wrapped look to match the front of the dress just on my arms from elbow up about half my arm. I seen sleeves like this on a dress at Dillards. I loved it.

This dress is my perfect dream wedding dress but can yu do it without the arm or make provision to remove the arm without spoiling the dress....Lovely dresses

can it also be of same material of the dress 00208296 and full arm length?

If i was to order cocktail dress CK-0031 today or tommorow what is the approximate date it would arrive, i live in florida?

hi, was just wondering if this exact dresss would be able to be made long instead of a cocktail size dress?

Thanks for your response. I want the back covered please. You can make it a zipped up back . Thanks

Hello! I was wondering if I would be able to get the back covered up like a normal dress instead of the bow and current back it has because my parents would not approve of that. Do I have to pay extra for that?

Hi there, What colour is this dress shown in the picture? (luxurious A-line beaded sweetheart sleeveless mini cocktail). Thank you

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