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This is dress is so beautiful and gorgeous. Its not only cute but very affordable.

im willing to buy this dress along with my bridesmaid

I got the email of the pictures of my dress that i had ordered. The color of the dress in the picture is BUDGREEN. I ordered, MINT. Did you guys just send me the wrong picture?

Hi, i am interested in purchasing this this for a bridesmaid dress and i was wondering if you can make this dress with a removable bottom. So my bridesmaid can use it long for the ceremony and short for the reception.

i need price and colour mint green

In my notes when i placed the order for this dress, i asked for trail at the end of the dress to not be there, so it would be a straight dress and cut off at the floor. Also i asked if it could have a slit on the left leg up to the mid-thigh area and that this dress be in mint. I'm mainly concerned that the dress be in mint. Is this possible. I need to know this as soon as possible. Thank you.

Very satisfied over all!!! Very Pretty Dress!! Will be looking for bridesmaids dresses next!!!! Thank you!!!

I was wondering if this dress could be tailor made for a child bridesmaid i.e straps attached and what is the normal delivery time?

i saw this exact dress on another web site and fell in love but the problem was i jus couldnt afford that price! this is muchhhh better im hoping this will be my prom dress of 2012 if u still have it at that time im definitely buying it.

Thanx for my GIFT! At that price it makes import taxes much more affordable!!!

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