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Ok so I am in absolute love with this dress for my juniior prom but I'm scared that I may not get it in time because the prom is May 19th. Is there something special in the shipping or processing that I can do to get it sooner?

Thanks for the reply, however i also want to enquire a dress that i also liked earlier. Unfortunately i cannot find it on this site anymore even though i copied its URL due to the reason my daughter really likes this specific dress for her Quinceanera Party. Here is the URL: http://www.FishInTheSky.com/product/New-Style-Quinceanera-Dresses-JX35347-241249.html. Dress number JX35347. Could you please put it back on so i can consider it for her? Additionally could you add more gemstones to the dress in a unique manner? Thankyou. Regards Tanya Jones.

i would just like to say i have fallen in love with this dress !! I was thinking about wearing this dress to prom but i was jus wondering if possible during the tailoring of the dress if the dress could be made without the slit in it ?

I like the color and style. The bottom of the back is slightly darker, just like nature! I like it and wear it a lot.

The style is good but the cap is too big for me with no way to adjust it which makes it uncomfortable. I am disappointed

hi also i would like to ask my prom is on march 26 and my order number is 20022 and i ordered it on 1/31/11 will it get to me on time before my prom? and if so when do you think it will reach me? and how far in the processing of my dress are you? sorry for all the the questions i am just nervous it wont make it on time before my prom thank you!

i ordered my dress on March 15th and its April 26 and i still have not gotten my dress and prom is this weekend and it says my dress is still processing...

I ordered my dress may 17 2011 , its june 6 & i still havent got my dress . my prom is June 9 . when will i get my dress ?

Can you email a picture of this dress in satin blue? or royal blue? please! i really like the dress, but i want a blue dress for prom. so i was just curious if that was possible? thank you

This is the second dress I orderd please tell me how long this will take to get the dress I paid extra to get this dress and still dont have it my prom is in one week please let me know!!!!!!

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